Dead Boy Wakes Up At His Own Funeral And Asks For Water

Kevin Santos, a 2 year old boy from Brazil, had died after cardiac, respiratory failure and dehydration after a bout of pneumonia. However just an hour before his funeral he sat up and asks his daddy for some water.

His father Antonio Santos said “During the wake I held him and said, “Son, come back to daddy”. And a few hours later my son sat up in the coffin and said, “Daddy, give me water”

“Everyone was stunned, some people fainted and others started praising God. I gave him a cup of water and everyone started screaming and shouting”.

“Then he lay down again and didn’t move again”.

Mr Santos took his son back to the hospital where doctors re-examined the boy but they confirmed there was no sign of life.

He said: “They assured me that he  really was dead and gave me no explanation for what we had just seen and heard”.

Kevin did not wake again and was buried on Saturday.

Mr Santos has lodged a complained and said “Perhaps they didn’t examine him properly”, “Dead people don’t just wake up and talk. I’m determined to find out the truth”.

you can read the story here

Baby Found Abandoned At Dome Of The Rock In Jerusalem

Dome of the Rock - Jerusalem

A weeks old baby was found abandoned in the Dome of the Rock mosque on the morning of Monday 7th February 2011, police reported.

The baby was reported to be healthy when it was found at the mosque. Police brought the baby to social services for care and an investigation has been opened to find the parents of the baby.

This may coincide with the numerous videos on You Tube and all over the internet supposedly showing a UFO descend from the sky, hover above Dome of the Rock, flash twice and the rapidly shoot back up to the sky at lightning speed.  The videos have been debunked and proven to be a hoax.  So is this part of an elaborate hoax,  just coincidence, or is there something weird going on?

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